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Pros of Renting an Apartment vs Buying

Why You Should Rent

Owning a home and having the “white-picket fence” dream is one that many Americans think about. However, an increasing number of people are deciding to rent instead of  buy and it’s not just because of the price tag. Stick around to learn more about why it might be better to rent.

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More Affordable

When buying a home, it isn’t just the price of the actual property and house that you have to consider. There are costs associated with the buying process as well as higher insurance (homeowners insurance is more pricey than renters insurance), and estate taxes. Also, for many people, the cost of a down payment may be unattainable. But even if it is within your budget, why not rent and put that money toward traveling, investing, or even retirement. 

Access to Amenities

When you rent and especially when you decide to call Sovereign & Saxony Apartments your home, you have access to amenities that you wouldn’t traditionally have when you buy a home. Some of the amenities include an Olympic-sized pool, concierge service, a gazebo with cozy sectional seating, open-hearth barbecues, and a community with other residents. You can get all of this with the price of your rent — if you bought a home, you would have to install these amenities yourself (if it were even possible) at an additional cost.

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No Maintenance Bills

When you are a homeowner, you get to do with your home what you will. However, with these advantages come the responsibility of fixing appliances and other issues when features of your home break. Thankfully, when you rent, the issues are resolved by the property managers at no extra cost to you. Renting can help keep bills associated with your home low and predictable.

Flexibility For Location

Buying a home can be a great way to put down roots, but for many people, choosing a permanent location isn’t best for their lifestyle. Apartment living can offer flexibility, allowing you to live where you want, when you want without the hassle of buying and selling a home. When you rent, you can have more freedom to dictate your lifestyle than when you own a home.

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Renting has many advantages for singles, couples, and families. Sovereign & Saxony in Framingham offers beautiful two bedroom apartments that are modern, comfortable, and provide the amenities that will make you love to call our community home. Learn more about our apartments on our website.